Farrell Kramer is a photographer based in the New York City area. He has had a long and varied career in the media industry, with its deepest roots in the photographic world.

Farrell KramerAs a student, Farrell began shooting and processing film in his own darkroom. He also worked part-time at a dye-transfer printing lab serving the advertising industry. Yet, the written word captivated him as well, and after college and graduate school Farrell rose to become a national investigative reporter for The Associated Press. His work won a number of awards, including one series that was nominated by the AP for the Pulitzer Prize.

Farrell left writing for public relations, specializing in blending the best of traditional and new media, including blogging, podcasting and social media. New-media work reintroduced Farrell to photography, this time in the digital realm, and it didn’t take long for him to set up a studio and begin shooting anew.

Today, Farrell’s work combines the best of his traditional film background and understanding of color — gained during his dye-transfer days — with the ability to retouch and manipulate images in the digital environment. He brings to every shoot the eye of an artist, the strict deadline sense of a reporter, and the professionalism and instincts of an entrepreneur.